How can I use data collected from my survey?

The type of survey our surveyors undertake, and the way in which it is decided to carry it out will allow you to gain and use a range of data sources and can be presented in a variety of ways, depending on your requirements.

When we work with a Client to complete a survey, whether that’s a Topographic Survey, 3D Laser Scanning or a Measured Building Survey, we firstly discuss the purpose of the survey itself and what the data gained will be used for as this can often effect the method that we choose.

As we use a combination of both traditional and modern survey methods, it’s important to be aware of the limitations of different survey techniques, to ensure that the survey you require can deliver the information you need.


We often find that, although all our methods are accurate, a good margin of error is perfectly acceptable and so you may not require as detailed a survey as you initially think. This is why TruMetric take the time to discuss the various options available and the type of results and data each method produces.

The more accurate your data needs to be, the longer and more in depth the survey can end up being which does impact cost. We will work with you to determine whether a lower level of accuracy is acceptable for your project, by discussing the building, site, limitations and the survey’s purpose among other factors. Understanding these factors, we may be able to save both time and cost depending on your project and requirements.

Although we might usually think that more accurate, better date is going to be best, for your situation you may only need the basic deliverables such as a report or PDF drawings, or if your situation needs it TM can provide much more detailed presentations of your survey which could be useful further down the line in your project.



Often our surveys can be used in combination to provide a holistic and accurate representation of your building or land and from there, your data can be delivered as;

– 2D Drawings
– 3D Deliverables/BIM Models
– 3D Point Clouds
– Orthophotos
– Gross Internal Area, Gross External Area or Net Internal Area reporting
– CAD Files
– CGI Visualisations
– Volume calculations
– Site Plans/Contour Plans
– A simple visual record at a fixed point in time


Many of our surveys use the latest digital methods to capture detailed information. These records are then transformed into usable, interpretable data which can be used to generate further development drawings or to update site records.

So, as well as providing viewpoints which may be otherwise inaccessible, our scanning capabilities extend to providing important and accurate data reporting in a number of formats depending on your required purpose.

If you are unsure about what type of survey you need to undertake to receive the data you require, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.