Construction Verification Surveys

A Construction Verification Survey can be undertaken to verify that the As-Built building matches that which is expected or contracted. Using High definition Laser Scanning techniques our surveyors capture an exact representation of the area in question and will prepare a full scale 3D model, which can then be used to compare to the initial design drawings or model, identifying and reporting upon any areas where there are differences between.

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Undertaking this verification process throughout the construction period will help to identify issues early on, allowing rectification measures to be undertaken before it’s too late.

A Construction Verification survey can confirm that a contractual tolerance has been met, where specific sizes, areas or other dimensions are pre-defined by Client or Design Team, Trumetric will undertake a detailed survey and quickly report on any variations from the expected results.

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As an independent surveyor, Trumetric’s results are thorough and can be relied upon as an accurate representation of the situation as found at the time of inspection. Results can be presented in various formats depending on your needs and the specific data that need to be verified.

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