Drone Surveys

A remotely operated UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) or ‘Drone’ with a high definition camera mounted to it allows Trumetric Surveyors to monitor, view, photograph and record the state of any building or site from above or where traditional ground based equipment could not reach.

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A drone allows us in a relatively short time period to rapidly capture large areas of data in inaccessible or hard to reach locations, combining high resolution photographs with GPS location information to provide you with a reliable and accurate package of information. The use of the drone is a far faster and safer means for inspecting high level area or areas where it may not be safe to walk, and removes the need for any high-level access equipment which can be costly, slow to operate, and has a limited operational reach.

Latest Case Study:

Our latest Drone Survey case study will be available soon. Please check back.

Image module

Drone images and videos can assist and compliment a number of traditional services such as:

• Roof Inspections
• Gutter Conditions
• External Structural Inspections
• Defect Diagnosis
• Measured surveys
• Progress monitoring

Trumetric and our Drone Pilots are all competent to operate, and are registered and approved by the CAA to carry out drone operations throughout the UK.

Our drone survey services can be combined with our Measured Building Surveys and 3D Laser Scanning to provide a holistic and accurate representation of the building, either as 2D drawings, a 3D model, or simply a record at a fixed point in time.

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