Lease, Title & Boundary Plans

Working with agents, solicitors, landlords, tenants, and more our measurement surveyors will identify the boundaries of whole or part of a property, package of land, or specific lease area and can provide in a Land Registry compliant format the drawings necessary for the registration or update process.

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There are many reasons that Lease plans are required, including:
• Any new lease lasting 7 or more years
• When sold there is more than 7 years remaining on a leasehold property
• If a property or area of land is sold but has been previously left unregistered
• Where an existing title area is to be sub-divided into smaller parts
• If the overall extent of demise of a property is altered (for example by extension or reduction)

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To be Land Registry compliant, and to avoid any application rejection or holdups throughout your process, drawings must:

• Be accurately prepared to the correct scale
• Identify the buildings orientation
• Show the buildings position in context with other sites/buildings
• Be correctly formatted to show the demise and shared areas

Where suitable drawings do not currently exist, our measurement teams can undertake a detailed survey of the area and provide an accurate and up to date digital drawing to produce all necessary information from.

Ensuring that your Land Registry application contains all the necessary information, as well as being able to trust that the drawings contained within it are suitable and produced in line with the strict guidelines helps to make sure the process does not lead to undue delay, complications or conflicts.

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