Measured Building Surveys

Identifying that building or site records are inaccurate, out of date or missing can cause costly design errors. A Measured Building Survey helps our Clients to understand the size and layout of their buildings and will ensure that your drawings are current, accurate and contain all the necessary information.

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Alongside a Measured Building Survey we can undertake a detailed levels or topographic survey of any site area, either standalone or in conjunction with a Measured Building Survey to provide you with a package detailing the entire site inclusive of the land around it, delivered as a simple site plan, or more detailed contour plan depending on your needs and requirements.

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A Measured Building Survey can provide you with:

• 2D Drawings including: Floor Plans, External or Internal Elevations, Sections, Roof Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans
• 3D BIM model
• Orthophotos
• Point Cloud
• GIA (Gross Internal Area), GEA (Gross External Area), NIA (Net Internal Area) or any other defined area measurement as required
• Lease and Land Registry boundary drawings

We use the latest technology and digital methods to undertake a survey to ensure an accurate record is generated. We can then transform this data into plans, sections, elevations or even 3D models of the building that can then be used to generate further development drawings.

Where relevant, surveys, measurements & drawings are undertaken and produced in accordance with the relevant guidance as given in the RICS Code of Measuring Practice (6th edition), or IPMS (International Property Measurement Standards)

Ranging from offices, industrial units, retail spaces, new build sites, housing, redevelopment & refurbishments among others, our Measured Survey Teams are experienced in capturing in detail the information required to successfully record all information needed from a site or building.

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