What does a Land Survey involve and when might I need one?

When mapping out large areas of land, determining boundaries, planning buildings or roadworks, the science of surveying comes into its own.

At TruMetric we strive to constantly improve our surveying methods from embracing new technology to embarking on development and training programmes to allow us to enhance our skills.

We use a variety of surveying methods and equipment to determine; locations, levels, distances, angles, boundaries and more to create accurate maps of both the natural and built environment around us.

One method we use to gather information around areas of land or development sites is a Topographic survey – also often referred to as simply a ‘Topo’. By definition, Topography is the arrangement of natural and artificial physical features of an area and as such once this information is gathered, a topographic survey can be used for a range of purposes such as;

• Development proposals
• Boundary identification (Land Registry compliant)
• Area calculations • Convert to 3D BIM models
• Combine with 3D Laser Scan point cloud data
• Rights to light investigations

TruMetric also frequently assists agents, landlords and tenants with lease, title and boundary plans. Our surveyors identify and map the boundaries of either a specific area, piece of land or a property which can then be used for Land Registry applications and compliance.

We also work with landowners, architects, developers and engineers to undertake land surveys which provide a detailed map of site layout as well as identifying changes in levels.

Sophisticated, modern surveying equipment, from Total Stations to GPS devices, drones and laser scanners are all used to record detailed measurements and to determine fixed points of an area of land, to map sites or determine locations of existing infrastructure.

As well as using high-tech equipment, we’re no strangers to using good old fashioned measurement methods and sometimes the best results come from a combination of traditional methods and more modern approaches.

One thing is for sure, accurate measuring and surveying is vital to create longstanding structures, just think how much time and effort went into building some of the world’s most incredible structures, from the Pyramids to the Golden Gate Bridge and Stonehenge to the Shard!

You may require a land survey for a range of reasons such as planning for future development/redevelopment, extensions or conversions and refurbishments of property.

Whatever your project, even the most minor of alternations to land and property may require careful documenting, measuring, or planning permission, as there are many regulations surrounding this domain, which is why accuracy is vital.

Land is an incredibly valuable asset, as you’ll be aware, so if you’re in need of any further information around the various options available to survey land, contact us to discuss your needs.