Why is it essential to have a Measured Building Survey? [Before starting a renovation or construction project]


A measured building survey is a detailed assessment of a property that records the exact dimensions and architectural features of the building and is an essential tool for both property owners and surveyors. It provides a thorough understanding of the property, which can help avoid costly mistakes during renovation or construction projects.

What is a measured building survey?

A measured building survey is conducted to create a detailed drawing or blueprint of a building including floor plans, ceiling plans, internal and external elevations. This type of survey is crucial for renovation and construction projects, as it provides an accurate representation of the building and can help avoid problems further down the line.

The measured building survey provides the property owner with a detailed drawing of the building, which can be used as a reference for the renovation or construction project. The surveyor will also use the measured drawing to create a proposal for the project, including the costs a time frame for completion.

Why are measured building surveys important?

One of the primary reasons for having a measured building survey is accuracy. The surveyor will be able to measure all of the dimensions of the property and use this data to generate a scaled drawing. This drawing then provides a reference point as a guideline during an expansion or remodelling project.

For example, suppose a building owner plans to expand the structure at one end or transform an old barn into a garage. In that case, the measured building survey will provide definitive measurements to create the necessary, detailed plans.

This information can also be presented to structural engineers and architects who can use these exact dimensions when constructing plans for the expansion or renovation. Once all this information has been collected, architects and engineers know what they need to do to expand or adapt the building. In addition, they must have measured building surveys before any renovations so that measured plans can be presented before any construction work being done on the property.

Most likely, if a measured building survey is not conducted before renovation or construction, it will be necessary to make additional modifications after the project has started. This will not only add expenses and delays but could also result in a building that is improperly measured or designed. The end result may be an unsatisfactory final product and dissatisfied customers.

It is essential for all property owners or individuals planning renovation or construction projects to conduct measured building surveys. This will help ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that all of the details about the property have been fully measured, including square footage, windows, doors, ceilings, etc.

As well as provided plans for construction projects, a measured building survey can be used to give Lease and Land Registry drawings showing property boundaries and avoid future disputes between neighbouring properties.

How are measured building surveys conducted?

A measured building survey is conducted by a surveyor who will measure all of the dimensions of the property. They will use various tools to take these measurements, from the traditional tape measure, level, and compass through to state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning.

The measured building survey will include the height from ground level and any roof measurements that would be required for a renovation or construction project. However, it is essential to note that measured building surveys do not always need to include a complete structural survey, which would entail an inspection of the integrity of the structure. This means that measured building surveys can be completed for stand-alone buildings and multi-storey properties.

What are the benefits of measured building surveys for both the property owner and the surveyor?

A measured building survey can provide a great deal of information for the property owner and the surveyor. For the property owner, a measured building survey can provide a detailed and accurate 3D model of the property. This information can help the owner make better decisions about any renovation or construction projects they may be planning. The surveyor can also use this information to create more accurate drawings and plans for the project.

When is a measured building survey required, and why?

Before starting any renovation or construction project, a measured building survey is usually required by the property owner and their architect. The measured building survey can help to ensure that there are no mistakes during the project. In addition, if any unforeseen obstructions are found while conducting a measured building survey, this information can be very useful in planning the renovation.

If measured building surveys aren’t required during a project, when might they still be useful?

Survey work is always recommended for any major construction or renovation project. However, not all projects will require a measured building survey. If a measured building survey has been performed on the property in the past, and if these 3D measured building survey records are available, it can be beneficial to include this information when planning a project.

Measured building surveys are also vital for protecting the property owner’s legal rights. By having a measured building survey, any disputes that arise can be more easily resolved by referring to the measured drawings and information about what was measured on the site.


A measured building survey is an essential step in any renovation or construction project. By having a measured building survey before beginning your project, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that all of the details about your property are fully understood.

TruMetric’s measured approach to Measured Building Surveys ensures that precision is our priority. Accurate and detailed information is critical for avoiding costly design mistakes, disputes, and delays.

Our Measured Building Survey service is a worthwhile investment for your project as it helps you understand your property and make educated decisions.

So, if you’re looking for up to date records of your premises or considering future work, contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.